Our Journey


PT Prima Kemasindo started its journey from a 700-meter square land located in Bekasi, West Java and ran its business as a contract manufacturing value. At first, the company only produced coconut-based cup drinks. 


The product expanded into nata de coco, honey-mango syrup, and grass jelly drinks. PT Prima Kemasindo had 3 machines that can produced up to 45.000 cups/day. 


Officially opened its full-production plant as a private company and built its own brand such as Degan Nata de Coco, Blezz Mangga Madu, and Gulas Slim. The products were sold nationwide in Indonesia. 


PT Prima Kemasindo produced pioneering products such as Marico and Piko which was the first Nata de Coco snack in Indonesia. It has 5 variants of fruit flavors consisting of strawberry, orange, grape, honey-mango, and guava.


PT Prima Kemasindo’s sales kept growing and it reached a gross income of Rp 245 billion in a year. In this year, PT Prima Kemasindo rented a 6000-meter square factory in Boyolali, Center Java to serve sachet product sales in Java and outside Java. 


Marico and Piko’s success led to the establishment of a new 10.000 meter square factory in Bekasi, West Java which specializes in the production of cup drinks.


Developed a new product: Marico Jelly Gum and had the capacity of 3 cup producing machines and 40 sachet producing machines. Built a storehouse as a network enhancer which is located in Jakarta and Bandung.